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The world’s best fashion boutiques in one place
We strive to offer the most customer-centric fashion platform on the planet, where users can find the best selection of premium, luxury, and hand-picked local brands, specially curated to each individual user’s tastes and needs. Because in doing so, we can help empower the world’s best-dressed people.

And to connect fashion-conscious customers to the world's best brands, available at the world's best fashion boutiques has been at the heart of Miinto ever since our platform launched in 2009, and remains so today, where we are the fastest-growing online fashion platform in Europe.

A simple idea that grew

Miinto was founded in 2009 by school friends Konrad Kierklo and Mike Radoor as a way to get hold of brands and styles that they couldn’t get in their small hometown in Denmark. And that simple idea has remained central to Miinto ever since: To connect fashion-conscious consumers with the world’s best boutiques (and vice versa!).

We want brick-and-mortar boutiques to prosper in the digital age, and by partnering with us, we can ensure that they do. We carefully select our boutique partners to ensure that we can provide our customers with the widest selection of premium, luxury, and locally sourced brands. In return, we give boutiques unparalleled access to a global market of customers that adore fashion.

Moving towards a more responsible fashion model

Fashion in itself is not, and will never be sustainable. However, as a major part of the fashion world, we feel it is our responsibility to provide customers, brands, and boutiques with a more responsible way of doing business.

And by tapping into stock that is already available in the market (from boutiques), our business model does not lead to any unnecessary production of items.

On top of this, we have acquired The Vintage Bar, a community-driven and secondhand fashion marketplace to further expand our secondhand focus, and is the first step on our journey towards running a C2C marketplace in the future.

For now though, on top of our existing offering of brand-new items, consumers can also purchase a wide variety of pre-owned and vintage items from some of the world's best fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton Vintage and Chanel Vintage, and we have an ambitious plan to make pre-loved items bring 25% of our revenue by 2025.

A unique assortment built by thousands of fashion experts

Our large selection of women's clothes, men’s clothes, children's clothes, sportswear, and accessories has made Miinto one of Europe's largest online fashion portals.

With over 2000 different brands all over Europe, we have a unique assortment of local, upscale, hand-picked luxury brands to choose from. Our assortment varies from luxury brands such as Balenciaga, Gucci, and Prada to a wide variety of hand-picked local brands, which are specially selected by passionate boutique owners all across the continent.

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